Ways to take worry under control

It is nearly impossible to avoid worry,
But it is possible to take it under control;
To prevent health issues and to deserve glory.
Worry is a dangerous beast, it’s not a doll.

The way number one is to pray,
In the morning and in the eve,
Without haste and without delay;
It doesn’t have to be long, but make sure you believe.

Another way is faith at all times.
God loves you, right?
Act accordingly even when you get limes;
Remember about the Kingdom and focus on light.
Iaroslav                                                    Wednesday 31.07.2019


Скільки можна часу чекати?

Скільки можна часу чекати?
Треба Землю для онуків зберегти,
Годі “Моя хата з краю” казати –
Час нові принципи знайти.

Озирніться ліпше уважно довкола,
Земля кругла, у неї немає краю.
Якщо щось не змінити, стане зовсім квола,
Але ще є час, я точно знаю.
Iaroslav                                                   Sunday 18.04.2004

Overcomplicating and oversimplifying

Overcomplicating and oversimplifying
Are similar sins:
The former prevents from worthy and timely trying;
The latter is in the way of long-term wins.

Is balance, then, the way to go?
Yes, it is and more:
Use wit, take time to grow;
Practise decision making, there is no one-size-fits-all door.
Iaroslav                                                   Monday 22.07.2019

In such a way

Live in such a way
That nothing overshadows your day
Because you skip good words to say,
Good deeds to do, a long-awaited visit to pay.

You work a lot, but remember to rest;
No need to overwork, just do your best.
In studies, prepare timely for your test.
Say prayers and with love build your nest.
Iaroslav                                                   Friday 05.07.2019

If your feelings abound

If your feelings abound,
Use a canvas or a rhyme;
Use sports or a walk around –
It’s free, no need to spend a dime.

However, posses yourself at all times.
For God is God of order;
Therefore, keep control despite all limes,
When you are at home, and when you cross a country border.
Iaroslav                                                   Sunday 24.06.2019

God gives all

God gives all:
Happiness and health,
With or without wealth;
He also hears when you call.

Be brave, He is with you.
Do good and live.
The time is short, the days are few.
Be brave, kind and wise; when you can, give.
Iaroslav                                                   Sunday 09.01.2010

Quoique arrive, la vie continue

Quoique arrive, la vie continue,
Ce n’est pas le temps pour être triste.
Souris, ton sourire pur est bien connu.
Combien de merveilles il existe!

Nous n’avons pas de temps
Pour pleurer à cause des banalités.
Tu as du bon sens,
Vivons aujourd’hui, c’est la réalité.

Les problèmes ne sont que le passé.
Donc, agissons pour faire du bien aux gens.
Tout est pour l’amour et c’est pas assez:
Petite pluie abattra grand vent!
Iaroslav                                                    Friday 22.02.2019