Твори добро

Твори добро,
Велике і маленьке.
Твори добро,
Хоч каже хтось “слабеньке”.

Нехай у цьому
Будеш щира/щирий.
Зростай, укріплюйся у ньому,
Хоч сумніваються усі, ти віруй!

Твори добро!
Не будь переможений злом,
Але перемагай зло добром.
Твори добро!

Нехай лице умию
І серце з радістю відкрию;
Нехай по милості Твоїй дістану
Та на молитву подячну стану!
Iaroslav                                                   March 2012


Ways to take worry under control

It is nearly impossible to avoid worry,
But it is possible to take it under control;
To prevent health issues and to deserve glory.
Worry is a dangerous beast, it’s not a doll.

The way number one is to pray,
In the morning and in the eve,
Without haste and without delay;
It doesn’t have to be long, but make sure you believe.

Another way is faith at all times.
God loves you, right?
Act accordingly even when you get limes;
Remember about the Kingdom and focus on light.
Iaroslav                                                    Wednesday 31.07.2019

Love God with all your heart

Love God with all your heart,
Be frank in it: in whole, in part.
You will see the way!
God will show, so love and pray.

Love in word and love in deed
For love is dead without good seeds.
So many brothers are in need,
Look at your neighbour, his poverty pleads.

Love God and remember:
From January through December,
From morning till night,
Let your love shine, let love be bright!
Iaroslav                                                    Sunday 29.08.2010

In such a way

Live in such a way
That nothing overshadows your day
Because you skip good words to say,
Good deeds to do, a long-awaited visit to pay.

You work a lot, but remember to rest;
No need to overwork, just do your best.
In studies, prepare timely for your test.
Say prayers and with love build your nest.
Iaroslav                                                   Friday 05.07.2019

Love story

You were several years younger
And I was so naive.
We met at the fishmonger’s,
You were about to leave.

I asked how the selection was that day.
You smiled and said what you liked.
You explained the best cooking way,
It was trout or pike.

You gave me your email
In case I forgot how.
Since then we often met; we often pray like in a fairy tale,
We’ve been married for twelve years now.
Iaroslav                                          Saturday – Monday 04-06.03.2017

Де закриваються двері, відкриваються ворота

Де закриваються двері, відкриваються ворота;
Тому шлагбаум в одному місці – не сумна, а весела нота.
Отже, звеселися і далі певно йди,
А щоб вірним був шлях – молися і Господь направить куди.
Iaroslav                                                   Sunday 12.05.2019

Будь мужнім і дій мудро повсякчас

Будь мужнім і дій мудро повсякчас.
Хай ворог лютує, а ти будь спок,
Хай посміхається як фантомас.
Ти – досвідчений док.

Твоя освіта допомагає;
Твоє серце чисте сяє;
Бог любить і пам’ятає.
Правда неправду здолає.

Отже, йди уперед, постійно у молитві;
Працюй поступово, мудро, сміливо,
Щоб із Божою допомогою перемогти у битві,
Щоб Господь благословив це диво.
Iaroslav                                                    Monday 13.05.2019


Whatever happens, stand
Despite all hardships and misfortunes,
Despite your words or deeds you need to amend;
Despite all losses and fortunes.

When it’s more than you can handle, pray.
You have the Church, your family and friends, hey!
No need to wait for a negative thing to arrive…
Keep praying and in prayer thank, share, ask – you are alive.
Iaroslav                                                    Tuesday 23.04.2019

Not to take away our time

God gave us the Church and all other good things
Not to take away our time
And not because He needs anything from us or our kings,
But because He wants to help us climb.

Therefore, when we skip Church prayer,
We deprive ourselves of protection;
We push aside a crown from our own hair;
We reject God’s care.

Image credit: Jonny Green, “Banff raibow at sunset (9312158760)” June 30, 2013, via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 2.0.
Iaroslav                                                    Sunday 24.03.2019

Wisdom of a situation

God put you in your current position –
Within it, be ready for unexpected things
And act boldly without waiting for a permission;
Pray each day to enjoy the fruits that wisdom brings.
Iaroslav                                                    Sunday 10.02.2019