Борітеся, поборете

Jasper Athabasca Falls
Борітеся, поборете
І всяку навалу підкорите.
Борітеся, сміливо стійте,
Із молитвою і любов’ю дійте.

Це – правда не тільки для загалу
І у захисті від ворожого навалу,
Але для кожного з нас на плоди чудові –
Стіймо у дусі сміливості, здорового розуму, любові.

Image credit: Anthonymaw, “asper Athabasca Falls” August 1, 2010, via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0.
Iaroslav                                                    Sunday 14.10.2018


Never be sorry

Never be sorry
That you have missed,
Because if you do, you will worry –
This damages health and makes your mind wonder in mist.

Instead, thank God for all;
Do everything you can in the right direction.
While you live, you can do any correction.
Rely on God, don’t drop the ball.

Image credit: paullymac, “Herbert Lake, Banff” October 3, 2016, via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 2.0.
Iaroslav                                                    Monday 29.10.2018

Love God with all your heart, soul and mind

Love God with all your heart!
This will make your labour easy to start,
And other things will follow;
Your house will not be hollow.

Love God with all your soul!
You will achieve your goal,
Whether you study or work,
Whether you eat with chopsticks or fork.

Love God with all your mind!
You will not be left behind,
You will advance!
Wisdom is here, it is not given by chance.

Image credit: Thank you for visiting my page, “Morning hike up Yates mountain Kananaskis Alberta Canada (26334059385)” April 9, 2016, via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 2.0.
Iaroslav                                                    Sunday 21.10.2012

Never knowing what is ahead

Never knowing what is ahead,
Where you’ll lose, where you’ll find.
Never stubborn, always wiser instead
Keeping good things on your mind.

What you’ve got, hold,
Even more, multiply!
Cultivate good in yourself being bold.
Enable your heart and brain to amplify.

And me, I am with you.
How much we can save!
How beautiful are flowers in dew!
It is time to be brave!
Iaroslav                                                    Sunday 01.06.2008