Protect good

It’s not enough to avoid evil things,
Neither is it enough to do good –
It is important to prevent evil from spreading its wings
And to defend the truth in a cheerful mood.
Iaroslav                                                    Sunday 06.01.2019


На Різдво

(To my friends Janet & Cindy)

Із Христовим Різдвом вас вітаю!
Будьте щасливі;
Здоров’я, достатку бажаю;
Будьте сміливі!

Хай Зірка Різдвяна
Осяє ваш путь!
Як чиста квітка весняна
Хай буде життя вашого суть!

Єдині будьте, Бог – Єдин.
Світу ясному радійте,
У світ прийшов Господній Син.
Вічним добром багатійте!
Iaroslav                                                        Saturday 28.11.2009


If your worries pour as biscuits from an overthrown open tin,
Or if you are in low spirits or sad –
Here is something to help you to win,
Regardless of how many sticky moments you’ve had.

This is a prescription,
But for it to take effect,
You have to follow it with a conviction:
One good deed a day, no need to perfect.
Iaroslav                                                    Tuesday 27.11.2018

Care for each other

You’re brothers indeed,
So, care for each other.
To have a good crop, you need a good seed,
So, care for each other.

When you can, do,
Help your suffering brother.
He is so tired, it’s true,
Help your suffering brother.

All your deeds are noted down,
No doubt, you will be paid back.
Listen to your kind heart sound,
No doubt you will be paid back!
Iaroslav                                                    Sunday 09.03.2008

Надійся на Господа і нехай буде певне серце твоє

Надійся на Господа і нехай буде певне серце твоє.
Роби що потрібне, що добре – кмітливо –
Праця, любов, життя, надія доведуть своє;
Мужність май – твоє не забариться диво.

Image credit: Gurjeet Cheema, “View from top of the Sulphur Mountain” May 19, 2018, via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0.
Iaroslav                                                    Friday 19.10.2018


Volleyball is a game for the agile.
It trains your reaction and wit.
It is for the young and the senior; for the strong and the fragile.
Using it for fun and health is a good tip.

It doesn’t tire you out,
But you sleep well and become stout.
It expands your circle of friends.
To good mood it lends!
Iaroslav                                          Thursday – Sunday 13-16.09.2018