When there seems to be no escape

When there seems to be no escape,
Pray, my friend!
Do not run away from your landscape;
We never know what will be in the end.

Maybe, God has lowered us for an instant
To bring us yet higher at a later time.
Keep on trying although victories seem distant!
Let us pray to make juice of our lime!
Iaroslav                                                    Sunday 20.05.2012

If you love, be worthy of it

If you love, be worthy of it:
Show your strength, faith, wit.
May God also send you wisdom to choose
To find yourself and the friend and not to lose.
Iaroslav                                                    Sunday 27.10.2019

As much as you can, believe

As much as you can, believe, friend!
Let your faith show in deeds:
Work, say, keep silence, be patient, amend.
Help yourself and others – may God bless you in all your needs.
Iaroslav                                                    Sunday 27.10.2019

Useful person

You are not useless even if someone says so;
Even when someone makes it appear that way.
Do you remember how you helped that old lady to mow;
How you brightened your friend’s day?

You will hear all kind of things,
But do not listen to all.
Stay away from poisonous stings;
Focus on light and your Christian call.
Iaroslav                                                    Monday 28.10.2019

Courageous, witty, happy, healthy, agile

Running Dog
You are the salt
Of the earth, friend;
You are the light of the world.
Avoid despair or finding fault.

Be courageous and witty till the end.
God looks after you when you run and when you sleep curled.
To help in every good deed, use smile.
Be happy and healthy, stay agile.
Iaroslav                                                    Thursday 15.08.2019


Have you tried churching, friend?
It is like hiking, but you need to attend
A Church in the countryside or in town.
For this, you may need to walk or to take a ride
And to change to smile your frown.

The key is: that’s a spiritual adventure
To help you succeed in every good venture
And to get adequate rest;
To help focus on the important things
And to pass any good test.
Iaroslav                                                    Monday 12.08.2019

Your eyes are deeper than Moraine Lake

Your eyes are deeper than Moraine Lake,
Your voice is more tender than the wave of the sea.
Your smile makes my sadness flake;
A talk with you is like a refreshing shade of a tree.

Your hair is softer than silk;
Your “hi” is reviving.
Your skin is milder than milk;
Your love is worth surviving.

I thank God that above all you are my friend.
We are as we are, we do not pretend.

Image credit: Jonny Green, “Lake Moraine from above (9311977464)” June 30, 2013, via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 2.0.
Iaroslav                                                   Sunday 31.07.2011

Giving birth to children

Giving birth to children, friend,
Has never been about money –
It has always been about love you send,
Not about an extra mouth to take away “your” honey.

Thus, it’s not about money to support –
It is about love to give.
If you have love, never fear to give birth to whole cohort.
If you lack love, it’s better if by yourself you live.

Image credit: Sayen, “Moraine Lake 2007” July 18, 2007, via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 1.0.
Iaroslav                                                   Monday 06.05.2019