Тримай вище голову

Тримай вище голову, друже.
Ти – особливий і так само те, що маєш –
Все буде добре, пам’ятати то треба дуже –
Цінуй, що є, сміливо крокуй попри все і ще більше надбаєш.
Iaroslav                                                    Saturday 12.01.2019


Що є Батьківщина?

Що є Батьківщина?
Часто слово ми чуєм,
Знає його і дитина.
А як наступного разу його застосуєм?

Експлуатують його часто занадто.
Вітчизною є родина:
Друг, ближній, звір і рослина.
Батьківщиною є повсякденна днина.
Iaroslav                                                    Monday 20.04.2009

Explore, research, discover

Explore, research, discover
Whether you are a scholar or a music lover,
A Christian or still in search of the Way;
Whether you are a priest or lay.

In doing so, apply wit, enthusiasm and smile:
Your merchandise will be the first to clear the store aisle;
Your friendships will grow stronger;
Your health and happiness will abide longer.
Iaroslav                                                    Monday 05.11.2018

To my friend

My religious friend,
You’ve been my consolation
When the world seemed to have approached the end, –
‘God’, you said, ‘is our Salvation’.

Thank you, my friend.
Your love is pure gold,
Your advice lends a hand,
Your word warms when it’s cold!

When I was in need of understanding,
When I got tired of the lack of love around,
You reminded where we were standing –
That Christ’s doctrine is still and always sound.

Image credit: Base Camp Dave, “Fireweed in the Lake Louise Valle” August 6, 2017, via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0.
Iaroslav                                                    Saturday 18.02.2012


However hard, avoid despair.
Be sure, God is strong to repair.
However broken, believe
That when the time comes, you will receive.

Be simple and stand in hope.
Stock up with faith to cope.
Cherish love and abide in it.
Be strong, be friends with wit!

Image credit: Thank you for visiting my page, “Johnsons Lake Alberta Canada Banff national park (16490012738)” February 22, 2015, via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 2.0.
Iaroslav                                                    Monday 01.10.2018


Volleyball is a game for the agile.
It trains your reaction and wit.
It is for the young and the senior; for the strong and the fragile.
Using it for fun and health is a good tip.

It doesn’t tire you out,
But you sleep well and become stout.
It expands your circle of friends.
To good mood it lends!
Iaroslav                                          Thursday – Sunday 13-16.09.2018

Smile helps

Smile is what helps cover an extra mile.
Small or big, let it be sincere in all.
Share it with your friend and neighbour in winter frost and summer glare.
Smile and it will shine the way and help remain agile.

Image credit: Thank you for visiting my page, “Johnson lake Banff Alberta Canada (16442276798)” February 22, 2015, via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 2.0.
Iaroslav                                                    Friday 21.09.2018