Glorify God and do not fear

Glorify God and do not fear;
Toward wisdom and faith incline your ear.
Let your deeds be sincere and bold;
Be careful and protect what you hold.
Iaroslav                                                    Saturday 30.11.2019


How to measure success?
By abundant food, bank balance excess;
By driving a sports car;
By exceeding your neighbour’s house size by far?

How about having peace with God and inside;
Bringing up your children to respect their family and in faith to abide;
To eat healthy, simple food;
To hope, to love and to be in a good mood?
Iaroslav                                                    Friday 06.12.2019

There is a reason for you to be here

Seek the real treasure –
Set out on this adventure.
Through hardships and clear sky azure
May God bless you in your venture.

Perhaps, you will learn
That the perfect gifts are inside;
And the only way to multiply joy is to share it in return.
God loves you and His love will always abide.
Iaroslav                                                    Sunday 01.12.2019

Faith, hope, love

When all things go wrong, keep hope:
God will send you strength to cope.
When you do not know the outcome, believe:
What you want, by Gracious Will you can receive!
When all around turn away, do not abandon love:
We are fighting for the things not below, but above!
Iaroslav                                                    Saturday 01.12.2012

A “donkey”

Have you ever thought that your body, indeed,
Is a “donkey” carrying you to the Kingdom of God and your task is to feed
And to take care for it in a proper way:
To prevent a disease, to get enough sleep, to pray…

If you overfeed it, it will go mad;
If you underfeed, it will go bad;
If it gets sick, it will carry no more.
Therefore, be smart and care to reach the Door.
Iaroslav                                                    Monday 02.12.2019

Defend your thesis with God’s help

No one will defend your thesis, only yourself:
With God’s help you can do.
Be not afraid, but be ready.
Let your words be steady!
Let your research be bold and true!
Defend and let it help others and win the best library shelf!
Iaroslav                                                    Sunday 03.11.2013

Love God with all your heart!

Love God with all your heart!
He loved you first from the start.
Do for your neighbour
Good favour, as good service as your own labour.

Love God with all your thought!
Remember how devotedly for you He fought.
Eat you bread;
Do not be jealous, be thankful instead.
Iaroslav                                                    Sunday 17.06.2012

Let us love God

Let us love God, my brother!
Let us love God, my sister!
Let us respect our father and mother;
Let’s be polite to our boss, that solid mister.

Help your neighbour
To cope with his labour.
Be gentle always and serious at times!
I have prepared for you these simple rhymes.
Iaroslav                                                    Sunday 16.09.2012

When there seems to be no escape

When there seems to be no escape,
Pray, my friend!
Do not run away from your landscape;
We never know what will be in the end.

Maybe, God has lowered us for an instant
To bring us yet higher at a later time.
Keep on trying although victories seem distant!
Let us pray to make juice of our lime!
Iaroslav                                                    Sunday 20.05.2012

Do good with a sincere heart!

Do good with a sincere heart!
Do good from the start
Because we do not know what will happen then,
Only God knows what will happen and when.

Do good today,
No need to delay
Do good when you can do so,
Let kind things grow!
Iaroslav                                                    Sunday 06.05.2012