How wonderful life can become

How wonderful life can become
If you are ready for this.
Your efforts are needed, yes, at least some,
Be willing to win and you will not miss.

This is not just my word,
But mine, of course, too.
Life is sharp, sometimes like a sword,
But much depends upon you!
Iaroslav                                                     Sunday 10.02.2008


With faith

Best things in life
Happened when God blessed me to act with faith indeed:
Success in studies, finding wife,
Seeing far-away places, happiness, conquering greed.

Bad things are preceded
By absence of faith in deeds:
Bad luck at work, lack of support when it is needed,
Worry, abundance of effort with many unsprouted seeds.
Iaroslav                                                        Monday 05.09.2016

Continue doing good stuff

Bow Lake beim Icefields Parkway

Victories are not for good,
But we relax and lose the place where we stood:
We achieve one thing and stop
Instead of trying to make a longer hop.

Failures are not final
Even if the injury is spinal,
But we tend to give up after the first try
Whereas more effort we are to apply.

Remember to give a good cause another chance –
Be it in business or in romance;
Success is to be enjoyed and built upon.
Failures are to be endured and conclusions are to be drawn.

Image credit: Florian Fuchs, “Bow Lake beim Icefields Parkway” August 16, 2012, via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 2.0.
Iaroslav                                                          Sunday 27.09.2015