Зірка над вертепом яскраво засяє

Зірка над вертепом яскраво засяє,
Зорі на небі, холод на дворі.
Веселий дзвін у серці лунає,
Місяць про Радість Велику звіщає.

Це – Різдво, свято дивовижне,
Шлях до казки, до мрії,
Христове Різдво, справжнє, не книжнє:
Радіє усе, небо й земля, верхнє та нижнє.

У цей вечір святковий
Усе інакшим стає.
Кожен має свій шлях винятковий,
Не потрібен абзац додатковий.

Та сьогодні Господь єднає серця!
Як сніг хай білішає чиста душа,
Не на показ, не на раз, не для червоного слівця.
Різдво, – Україно, хай не жаліє митець олівця!

Image credit: Thank you for visiting my page, “Upper Kananaskis lake (36000875896)” July 15, 2017, via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 2.0.
Iaroslav                                                    Saturday 22.11.2008


My refuge and my shield

God is my refuge and my shield:
I will not stumble whether I go through a dark forest or a bright field.
He is my support and I rely on Him in all.
He is my Saviour and Father and hears my every call.
Iaroslav                                                    Tuesday 07.11.2017

Open your heart for Christmas

Christmas, what a bright Day!
It’s time to smile, give, take, and pray!
It’s time when you can play
As if you were a child constructing with clay.

Open your heart, let Christmas come and stay,
Let the kind child in you rejoice at each sun ray!
Keep your own bright, courageous, perseverant way.
Merry Christmas! I wish you happy smiles and a full tray!

Image credit: Mrspix, “Castle Mountain in Winter” March 9, 2017, via Wikimedia Commons, , CC BY-SA 4.0.
Iaroslav                                                    Sunday 24.12.2017

Wrong or right?

For some you will always be of a wrong size:
Too small for some; too big for others at the same time.
Yet for others you will be just right – however hard to realize –
Even if you have a few extra pounds or as slim as a dime.

For some you will be a boor,
But for others – all right,
Whether you are rich or poor;
Their friend, gentle and bright.

Therefore, you will hear all,
But take things with a pinch of salt.
In all things pray, whether big or small.
Avoid those who do not love and find fault.
Iaroslav                                                    Sunday 10.12.2017

Love is all I have, it’s true

Love is all I have, it’s true.
Love is what helps me break through.
But what else does a person need,
Whatever is her or his honest breed?

Life is different for a loving heart,
Simple happiness is its part.
Spread shoulders and bright eyes…
Love is a dove that flies!
Iaroslav                                                    Thursday 04.12.2008

When I am in trouble, I pray

When I am in trouble, I pray
And then try to do all I can.
I can’t explain the bright ray
Which crosses the gloom and improves my plan.

That’s how we know God loves us all,
He hears each our call.
The Father and the Friend till the end of times,
It is beyond the rhymes…

His help is obvious and swift,
God helps us, it needs no seal.
Not unassisted, not by chance we get lift,
Let’s keep our hearts open to feel.
Iaroslav                                                    Tuesday 22.05.2007

Your smile

Smile and let your neighbour smile in return,
Let your smile help shine the way.
However much you need to learn,
Let your smile brighten the day!

Image credit: Unknown, “Adventure-Clouds-Conifers-Daylight-350418” June 20, 2016, via Wikimedia Commons, CC0 1.0.
Iaroslav                                                    Tuesday 03.10.2017