There is a reason for you to be here

Seek the real treasure –
Set out on this adventure.
Through hardships and clear sky azure
May God bless you in your venture.

Perhaps, you will learn
That the perfect gifts are inside;
And the only way to multiply joy is to share it in return.
God loves you and His love will always abide.
Iaroslav                                                    Sunday 01.12.2019

Faith, hope, love

When all things go wrong, keep hope:
God will send you strength to cope.
When you do not know the outcome, believe:
What you want, by Gracious Will you can receive!
When all around turn away, do not abandon love:
We are fighting for the things not below, but above!
Iaroslav                                                    Saturday 01.12.2012

Do good with a sincere heart!

Do good with a sincere heart!
Do good from the start
Because we do not know what will happen then,
Only God knows what will happen and when.

Do good today,
No need to delay
Do good when you can do so,
Let kind things grow!
Iaroslav                                                    Sunday 06.05.2012

Quaecumque vera*

Smile is better than crying;
Courage is better than fearful air;
The truth is better than lying;
Wit is better than a tough head;
Being calm is better than being mad.
Therefore, give up what’s worse, choose what’s better instead.
Hope is better than despair.

* Latin for “whatsoever things are true” (Phil. 4:8).
Iaroslav                                         Wednesday – Saturday 06-09.11.2019

Дякуйте Богу і славте Його

Дякуйте Богу і славте Його
У ділах, словах, думках.
Заради нас Він дав Сина Свого, –
Хай у нас діє любов, нехай зникає страх.

Дякуйте і славте Христа.
Не бійтеся почати з чистого листа.
Хай Господь єднає серця;
Хай любов діє у нас із початку і до кінця.
Iaroslav                                                    Tuesday 26.10.2019

Дякую, Боже, за сили в житті

Дякую, Боже, за сили в житті,
Дякую за допомогу далі йти!
Дякую за здоров’я, житло,
За їжу, одяг, питво!

А найпаче за надію вічного життя,
За славу у Твоєму Царстві буття!
Дякую за підтримку родини,
Дякую за щирість ближньої людини!
Iaroslav                                                    Sunday 26.09.2019