Do all things with love sincere

Do all things with love sincere:
You will go far, you won’t go near;
You will improve the world around you;
Your light will shine to others, true.
Iaroslav                                                    Monday 12.08.2019


How much I’ve been given!

How much I’ve been given!
Thank Thee, Father, for all!
To juicy meadows I’ve been driven.
You prevented me from my fall.

How can I stumble
If on God my hope I fix?
Those who love, believe and are humble,
They are building their house on stone, of bricks.

He always sees what we need,
God takes care of us all, even a dove.
So, I will not lean on a man, on a reed.
Thank Thee for Thy wonderful love!
Iaroslav                                                    Monday 06.11.2006

Love God with all your heart

Love God with all your heart,
Be frank in it: in whole, in part.
You will see the way!
God will show, so love and pray.

Love in word and love in deed
For love is dead without good seeds.
So many brothers are in need,
Look at your neighbour, his poverty pleads.

Love God and remember:
From January through December,
From morning till night,
Let your love shine, let love be bright!
Iaroslav                                                    Sunday 29.08.2010

Simple acts of kindness

Today I was running late.
The bus driver noticed and waited.
This was a simple act of kindness, what else to state?
I am going to phone his organisation – his deed will be highly rated.
Iaroslav                                                   Thursday 18.07.2019

In such a way

Live in such a way
That nothing overshadows your day
Because you skip good words to say,
Good deeds to do, a long-awaited visit to pay.

You work a lot, but remember to rest;
No need to overwork, just do your best.
In studies, prepare timely for your test.
Say prayers and with love build your nest.
Iaroslav                                                   Friday 05.07.2019

Que la paix soit sur le peuple de Dieu!

Dieu voit les chemins des hommes pour le jugement et pour l’honneur.
Il juge des méchants dans chaque lieu,
Et les bons ont peur et glorifient le Seigneur.
Que la paix soit sur le peuple de Dieu!
Iaroslav                                                   Wednesday 03.07.2019

Rejoice when it is day and at night!

Rejoice when it is day and at night!
Rejoice in all God’s works!
Rejoice for you live and have sight!
Accept with gratitude drops of water and food loaded forks.
Iaroslav                                                   Friday 28.06.2019

If your feelings abound

If your feelings abound,
Use a canvas or a rhyme;
Use sports or a walk around –
It’s free, no need to spend a dime.

However, posses yourself at all times.
For God is God of order;
Therefore, keep control despite all limes,
When you are at home, and when you cross a country border.
Iaroslav                                                   Sunday 24.06.2019