How much I’ve been given!

How much I’ve been given!
Thank Thee, Father, for all!
To juicy meadows I’ve been driven.
You prevented me from my fall.

How can I stumble
If on God my hope I fix?
Those who love, believe and are humble,
They are building their house on stone, of bricks.

He always sees what we need,
God takes care of us all, even a dove.
So, I will not lean on a man, on a reed.
Thank Thee for Thy wonderful love!
Iaroslav                                                    Monday 06.11.2006


The Eucharist is always something more

The Eucharist* is always something more
Than my mind can draw.
The Father Himself opens the saving door
And your soul will never be like a weak straw.

* Gr. (εὐχαριστία) literally meaning “thanksgiving” and is used as a synonym for Communion (Ukr. Причастя).
Iaroslav                                                    Wednesday 05.06.2013

My God is my Saviour

I thought that I had lost,
But You changed my losses
Into victories of precious cost.
And my foot safely crosses

On an invisible bridge
That only You have spread,
On a ridge…
In peace, Your servant eats his bread!

Thank You, Father!
Iaroslav                                                   Sunday 11.03.2012

Que la paix soit sur le peuple de Dieu!

Dieu voit les chemins des hommes pour le jugement et pour l’honneur.
Il juge des méchants dans chaque lieu,
Et les bons ont peur et glorifient le Seigneur.
Que la paix soit sur le peuple de Dieu!
Iaroslav                                                   Wednesday 03.07.2019

Father is so Kind to me

Father is so Kind to me,
He gives me strength,
He makes me sure that I will never flee,
No matter what is the length.

I call for Him and the Father hears.
Hallowed be His Name!
He delivers me from all my fears.
Unsurpassed is His fame!

Our Father in heaven is Kind,
He is Loving and Gracious.
He forgives our debts and no one will find.
Thank Thee, Father, for our freedom is spacious!
Iaroslav                                                   Sunday 16.03.2008

Хваліте Господа з небес

Хваліте Господа з небес
Хваліте Його у вишніх;
Хваліте Господа всі жителі землі.
Хваліте Його всі творіння й сама земля і все, що на ній!
Всі води й зорі!
Бо Він сказав і сталося,
Звелів і утворилося!
Він створив води і землю
І все, що на них,
І все, що під ними,
І все, що над ними.
Він створив мови
І дав людині.
І з кожної мови,
На землі та на небі,
Він чує спів: Алилуя!
Iaroslav                                          Tuesday – Wednesday 17-18.01.2012

Rejoice when it is day and at night!

Rejoice when it is day and at night!
Rejoice in all God’s works!
Rejoice for you live and have sight!
Accept with gratitude drops of water and food loaded forks.
Iaroslav                                                   Friday 28.06.2019

Від ранньої зорі і до ночі

Від ранньої зорі і до ночі,
Хваліте Господа бо повіки милість Його!

Він сказав і сталося;
Він створив і не захитається;
Він знищив і не відновиться.

Усяке дихання нехай хвалить Господа;
Усяка мова нехай хвалить Господа;
Усі народи, хваліть Господа!
Iaroslav                                                    December 2011


Whatever happens, stand
Despite all hardships and misfortunes,
Despite your words or deeds you need to amend;
Despite all losses and fortunes.

When it’s more than you can handle, pray.
You have the Church, your family and friends, hey!
No need to wait for a negative thing to arrive…
Keep praying and in prayer thank, share, ask – you are alive.
Iaroslav                                                    Tuesday 23.04.2019

Out of many troubles

Out of many troubles God delivered me,
Out of the hand of evil people He saved me.
Let my joyful song ring,
Let my loving heart sing!

Oh God, thank You for Your glorious deeds,
For Your Love, Your call – life-giving seeds!
Tremendous is Your support!
You are the Invincible Fort!

Thank You, Lord, for everyone and everything!
Let my thankful song ring!
Iaroslav                                          Sunday – Monday 17-18.02.2013