Every day is a new life

Every day is a new life
And we live, we say, and we run as if in a strife.
But there are things which are minor,
They will disappear on the horizon like a liner.

There are things which are essential,
They must be treated in a way which is differential.
Minor matters draw to the earth and lower in fact;
Essential things require patience and tact.

What’s the difference you say?
Watch and you will see as clear as day:
The award for the minor things is none,
The award for essential ones is blessing with every new dawn.

Image credit: Shawn, “Looking down the Banff Airstrip (3709530211)” July 11, 2009, via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 2.0.
Iaroslav                                                          Sunday 14.10.2007


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